my name is , and this is my very big WIP of a neocities page. i've thought a lot about what i might write here, and how i might introduce myself, but now that i'm doing it, it's not coming to mind all that easily.......

i'm a 30-something neurodivergent genderless thing living in the woods. when i was a sprout, i liked playing around with making custom pages for my neopets, and making piczo sites about anything and nothing at all. in the spirit of getting back into that, i wanted to make a neocities page that is also about anything and nothing at all. i'm a reclusive thing, i think, and i thought it might be nice to put myself out there a bit by being overly honest on neocities.

i like fantasy, horror, video games, and making original characters, the latter of which i often think about very much, and write about little. i'd like to post things about them on here, along with general gaming nonsense, and who knows what else. i'll figure that out as i go along.

i'm an artist, and have been drawing and writing for a long time. i like messing with crafting and music production, too. jack of all trades and master of none, and all that.

i have a soft spot for creepy crawlies, monsters, bones, rocks, and decay. i like to find the loveable in the unloveable. in my mind and soul, i'm more a fungal, dirt-growing thing than a person. my gender is nothing, and i'm only ever a woman in the way the shambling, long-haired ghost haunting the narrative of a horror film is.

anyway, i hope to keep tending to this place as my little perpetual, slow-moving WIP, in which i try to relearn some coding nonsense and post about what ever feels right. i'll add more pages in the future - for right now, you get this.

if you'd like to see more of me in the meantime, feel free to check out my twitter, or my tumblr. i also have an incredibly sparsely used multiverse account, though i'd like to use it more than i have, as i like what they're going for on there. you might also catch a glimpse of me if you peek outside at night, but no promises.

3/15/2023: site opened!!!!!!!! oh god, i barely know where to begin.......